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UNHDP, the UN Refugee Agency, is calling on young people to join its global network of Young Champions and help advocate, create content, volunteer and fundraise to support people forced to flee worldwide.


Become a UNHDP Young Champion


Who are Young Champions?

UNHDP Young Champions are a dynamic community of young supporters and refugees motivated to create a more welcoming world for people who have fled war and persecution. They are students or young professionals between the ages of 15 and 25. They are motivated and passionate about using their skills to help refugees in their communities and around the world.


How do Young Champions help refugees?

Young Champions receive updates with actions to take. They meet with refugees and experts and attend training and brainstorming sessions to inform UNHDP’s communications work.

With UNHDP guidance, each Young Champion is expected to take five actions each year and stamp them in a digital Action Card in order to obtain an official UNHDP certificate. The actions fall into three categories:

Learn and advocate 

  • Advocate for refugees and asylum seekers within your school or university (e.g. scholarships, curriculums)
  • Call for more welcoming policies and solutions
  • Join UNHDP 's annual Model UN Refugee Challenge.

Create and inspire

  • Give talks and organize events about forced displacement
  • Amplify online campaigns to support displaced and stateless people
  • Create your own content, art and written pieces.

Volunteer and connect

  • Volunteer to help refugees and asylum seekers feel included in your community
  • Find innovative ideas to tackle local challenges they face
  • Organize fundraising events.

How do I become a Young Champion?

At the moment, you can join our network as an individual change-maker. In the near future, we will also encourage the creation of Young Champions Clubs in your school or university.

Register as a Young Champion



The Greatest Gift Campaign

As we witness unprecedented levels of forced displacement and influx of people fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Cameroon and other countries within the continent , UNHDP Africa is appealing to the public this festive season to help provide emergency relief items to families forced to flee. The campaign, dubbed “The Greatest Gift,” will run throughout the month of December.

Your donation can help provide a family forced to flee with critical relief items such as sleeping mats, plastic tarpaulin sheet to help waterproof a family shelter against rain, or a full essential kitchen set including cutlery, plates and utensils for a family to allow them to prepare food



Aiming Higher

A campaign to fund talented refugee scholars

UNHDP’s Refugee Scholarships Programme (DAFI – Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative) enables gifted young refugee students to pursue a university degree or similar higher education. With this campaign, our goal is to give an additional 1,800 refugees across the globe access to higher education by 2023.

Our vision is a future where all refugees are included in the communities that host them. Where refugees are able to participate in education and employment and become not only self-reliant but vital contributors to local economies.

Expanding access to secondary and higher education for refugees is central to achieving this vision which is at the heart of both the Global Compact for Refugees and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Yet, right now, gaining access to higher education is still a battle against the odds for refugees with only 5% enrolled in higher education.

This is why in December 2020, we launched Aiming Higher, a campaign to change this through funding scholarships for talented refugees.

Now, UNHDP is calling on companies, foundations and individuals to help raise the further $23 million needed by 2023 to bridge the funding gap and ensure the remaining refugee scholars are not left behind.

The difference you can make

Aiming Higher is a call to invest in the best chance we have for a collective future – smart, dedicated young minds.

Higher education for refugees not only helps the scholars but their whole community. It paves the way for employment and realizes their potential to actively contribute to their local economies; whether refugees are hosted in a country of asylum, have been resettled or have returned home.




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